Stephen Liosi


ADDICT’S WAY – A Peter Panelli Novel

Suddenly, a lawyer finds himself homeless…



STEPHEN LIOSI, former President of his law school graduating class and Law Review Invitee, no longer practices law.

In May 2016, Mr. Liosi suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. Because of his gambling addiction, he lacked the cash reserves to withstand the car crash’s devastation. In turn, he was homeless for 9 months in his car. Thereafter, he was unable to function for 4 years, with his law practice collapsing along with him, living in and out of hotels.

In 2018, he failed to return approximately $1,700 in court fees to a then-friend client. Recently evicted at the time, Mr. Liosi was living in his car and out of contact with everyone.With no help from his family, and only disbelief and vilification from them, his brain injury changed his life — for the worse.

He is repentant, remorseful, and contrite to all those affected by his unintentional downfall. Mr. Liosi lacked the ability even to respond to the State Bar’s complaint, where he was disbarred by default. Still, he struggles with significant residual symptoms.

Having written professionally since he was 15-years old, he is now determined to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a novelist. He hopes to share stories that will inspire others, including blogging about addiction, brain injury, narcissistic family dysfunction, and self-discovery. He began and finished his novel ADDICT’S WAY while homeless.


Written in a style reminiscent of Charles Bukowski and John Updike.

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